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Agility Training through the Rock Solid Dogs Program


Agility is a fast and fun sport which requires teamwork, timing, and trust between a human handler and their dog. Navigating courses which include jumps, weave poles, “contact” (climbing) equipment, and tunnels is tremendously rewarding for the team members at both ends of the leash and the training process can be every bit as fun with the Rock Solid Dogs methods which are designed to build the dog’s independence and drive, the owner’s ability to communicate “what’s next” and confidence in the team’s abilities.

While most facilities in our area offer classes, we have found that the most efficient and effective way to train for this sport is to focus on the needs and strengths of each individual team. We all have the same goals but each dog and handler has a different path in getting there. Every handler in the Rock Solid Dogs program strives to have fun in the ring while running confidently, with smooth consistency, and allowing the dog to work as fast as they can reasonably manage at the greatest distance possible. This method of running “at distance” allows the handler the ability to see their dog with better perspective and the dog to fully maximize their physical capability to RUN!

Training appointments are offered just about every day of the week and at a wide variety of times to fit your schedule. Whether you are just getting started and want to ‘give it a try’ to see if your dog likes playing the game, you want to sharpen up a particular skill for your upcoming performance, or prepare for a Championship Level event, this is an ideal place to spend time with your dogs. Our equipment and training methods are 100% focused on your dog’s safety and we build all skills in a positive and force-free manner.

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Training for Agility is handled through the Rock Solid Dogs website. You will be able to select your time and pay online at the time of booking if you wish.

Please note: Agility Training during the warm weather months is primarily done at Dogwood Acres, about 4 miles north of Greenville. Training in Kimberly can be done by special arrangement.


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